How to show Toast in BB 10

Hello BB 10 pals :-) This is the third post of mine related to BlackBerry 10 development. Today we are implementing another very simple task, which is, showing a Toast message. To get it little more complicated, the Toast will display what will user type in a given TextField and also I’m using an attractive UI design too ;-)  Continue reading

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How to access UI controls using C++ in BB 10

Hi 10 Berries ;-) Today we are going to learn, how to access UI controls, which are located in QML files, by using C++ class files. If you can remember my last post, I haven’t used C++ coding for Page navigation and did all functions within QML. But sometimes we need to control QML elements in C++ codes. No more bluffing, lets do this :-)  Continue reading

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How to shift within two screens in BB 10

Hello friends :-) It is being a long time since I have writing a blog post. For a fresh start let’s begin with a new category. Here is my first blog post on BlackBerry 10 (BB 10) development. For Android developers, I wrote a post about How to shift within two Activities. Lets do the same thing with BlackBerry 10. Continue reading

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Check Internet connectivity with your own jar file in Android

Hi Android lovers… :-) After a long time. You can remember our last posts. Those are about connecting Internet and handling HTTP GET and POST methods. But have you ever consider to check whether your device is connected to Internet or not. Because, by the time your application runs, if the device is not connected to the Internet, you will get an error. As programmers, our duty is to check the infrastructure before user runs the application and get any errors. The important thing in this post is we are going to use our own jar file to check Internet connectivity :-)

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Handling HTTP POST method in Android

Hello Androidies… :-) Today I am going to talk about handling HTTP POST method in an Android program. This is little bit relate to my previous post which I have explained the same scenario for GET method. POST method is more secure when we transfer confidential data to a different location by using HTTP. The reason is the content goes inside the body, not with the header as in GET method. Continue reading

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Handling HTTP GET method in Android

Hi… Android amigos… :-) Today we are going to communicate with a server page but  insecure way. Why I’m saying “insecure” is we are using HTTP GET method for the communication. All the values that user sends to the server, embedded with the URL that we send as the request, where a third party can easily watch it. If I say it more technical way, by using the HTTP GET method, we are sending user details in the header part of the request not in the body. Continue reading

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How to Update and Delete data from SQLite database in Android

Hello Android friends… This is going to be my first blog post for the Dooms Year (2012) ;-) By the way, I have to keep a promise although I wanted to write a new topic. Therefore I am continuing with the SQLite post series and today I am going to show you how to do Update and Delete functions.  Continue reading

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