Let’s learn J2ME with mobile applications

Hi all 🙂 I thought to begin new category of blog post, that is J2ME. As far as I know J2ME stands for Java 2, Micro Edition. But my examples will be more specifically for mobile devices. Because I can check the examples by myself before publishing in this blog using my mobile phone.

In this post I’m not going to deal with any kind of code. Today I will explain the software that I’m using for my future developments and configurations. I’m using NetBeans IDE 6.9 for coding. To enable the phone emulator I have installed Sun Java ME SDK-3.0 . My phone is Nokia 5700 Music Express which is capable of running softwares in following configurations.

  • Device Configuration : CLDC-1.1
  • Device Profile : MIDP-2.0
Some other attributes that I’m using with the above mentioned IDE are,
  • Select Platform Type : CLDC/MIDP
  • Emulator Platform : Java(TM) Platform Micro Edition 3.0
For some applications I may have to change some of the attributes above mentioned, and at that time I will specifically mention what I’m going to use for that mobile application.
Now I’m going to create a new Java ME project in NetBeans. Here is the scenario;
  • Open your NetBeans IDE 6.9
  • File -> New Project
  • Choose Java ME in Categories: box
  • Choose Mobile Application in Projects: box
  • Click on Next button
  • Provide Project Name: and Project Location:
  • Keep the tick on the Set as Main Project check box but remove the check mark on Create Hello MIDlet (because I don’t want any auto generated MIDlets)
  • Click on Finish button. You can click on Next button, but there is no configuration on the upcoming window. That’s why I clicked on Finish button.
In my future post I am not going to describe any of these basics, because I have explained in a very simple manner in this post. But if you come up with some configuration errors while you are running your application, please feel free to ask any kind of question. “There are no dumb questions” 🙂

About AnujAroshA

Working as an Associate Technical Lead. Specialized in iOS application development. A simple person :)
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4 Responses to Let’s learn J2ME with mobile applications

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  2. johnrakesh says:

    hai anujarosha ,,,,

    now i am working in j2me project to track the mobile current location using gps…

    kindly send me if you have any coding to get imei number and phone number

    i try following coding
    but still now i don’t get imei number…

    Advanced Thanks anujarosha

  3. Bikal Bud Thapa says:

    I am working with project GSM based LAN monitoring system. So, please you have some coding help then just forward me.
    Advance thanks!!!

  4. Sharwar says:

    My phone symphonyt80 .
    what is my subscription key ?

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