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How to use BaseAdapter and OnItemClickListener in Android

Hi Android lovers 🙂 Till now we have developed some list item applications. But have you ever tried to click on one item of the ListView. Every time we passed a String Array or ArrayList witch type safe with String, … Continue reading

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How to use POJO to fill ArrayList in Android

Hello friends…!!! Today’s blog post is coming up with some programming concepts which I have applied to develop a simple Android application. One concept is “POJO (Plain Old Java Object)” and the other concept is called “programming to the interface”. … Continue reading


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How to create a ListView using ArrayAdapter in Android

Hello Android world 🙂 Today I am going to write a post about creating a ListView with the help of ArrayAdapter class. Lets directly move to the concept. Simply there are three things you have to concentrate; A data set … Continue reading

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How to implements OnClickListener for a View item in Android

Hi friends 🙂 Today I come up with a Android post. In this post I am trying to address a very small part, which is, how to tackle with the OnClicklistner in the enclosing View class. Yes, you guessed correctly. … Continue reading

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