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Using an Objective C framework, which is inside a Swift framework, in a Xamarin iOS project

Hello iPhone application developers 🙂 The blog post I’m going to write today is more over sharing my personal experience rather than teaching you a lesson. If we take whole scenario, I believe this is a very rare case that … Continue reading

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Swipeable table view cell with custom editable views in iOS

Hello guys, I decided to write a short post related to one of the UI issues, some of my colleges faced during implementing UITableView cell actions with custom UIViews. For my convenience, I wrote the sample project in Swift 5. … Continue reading

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How to create a Swift framework that is compatible with Xamarin iOS

Hi amigos… 🙂 Welcome back with a new blog post. With this post, what I’m trying to achieve is, reducing the gap between native application development and hybrid application development. Xamarin, is doing a pretty good job by creating an … Continue reading


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UI Testing in Xcode with Swift – part II

In this post also I’ll provide you some helpful tips that I’ve learnt while doing UI testing in Xcode with Swift language.  Continue reading

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Xcode UI Testing with Swift

Today I’m going to tell you about how to write UI test cases with Swift programing language for iOS applications. Continue reading

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Swift & Kotlin (ISBN 978-955-35622-0-3)

Hello friends, it has been a long time since I wrote the last post. The main reason was, WordPress it self suggest me to write a book and I decided if I write another blog post, that is after I … Continue reading

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