Swift & Kotlin (ISBN 978-955-35622-0-3)

Hello friends, it has been a long time since I wrote the last post. The main reason was, WordPress it self suggest me to write a book and I decided if I write another blog post, that is after I publish a book by myself. Here I am after publishing a book and start writing back blog posts 🙂

The name of the book is Swift & Kotlin and baring the ISBN 978-955-35622-0-3. Below is the first impression that you get of the book.


Swift & Kotlin – Cover page

Purpose of this book is to get an understanding of two main programming languages where software developers use in mobile application development. Those two languages are Swift and Kotlin. Swift is Apple products related programming language where you can write applications not only for iOS but also for macOS, tvOS and watchOS. But in this book, we concern iOS applications. Kotlin is the latest language introduced for Android application development.

For the moment, this book is only available as a hardcover and there are limited number of copies printed. Those who are interested can buy the book from me and I didn’t bother to find a publisher since I have printed only limited numbers.

Anyway, if I elaborate the content roughly, I have made small applications for all the chapters in this book in both languages and included all the important code snippets in the book. Those who need full source code can get from BitBucket after I allow the permissions for those who are going to request from me. This book explains basic syntax, theory and some design patterns using very simple applications. You can get the idea of applications that I have included by looking at the below image, which is the Table of Contents page in this book.


Swift & Kotlin – Table of Contents

I hope those who can buy this book will learn and enjoy the content. Please share your thought through the eMail that I have mentioned inside the book.

Enjoy reading 🙂



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